the unLIMBited story


Picture this – it’s a beautiful summer day and a family is spending time together at a cottage.  The draw of the lake is too much for the kids and they surrender their Popsicles and ipads for swim trunks, rafts and squirt guns.  One by one, they run off the dock and plunge into the water, squealing with delight.  One little boy watches this delight from the shore… He wears a prosthetic leg that cannot get wet.  To go into the water means removing his leg – his ability to stand, run, chase and jump ff the dock with the other kids.  He does it, he enters the water, and is restricted to the lawn chair a relative has thoughtfully placed in the water in an attempt to allow him to interact with the other children…

Ryder's chairThe boy in the lawn chair is my son, Ryder and although he is young and probably won’t remember the incident, it is one that I will never forget.  I will never forget the feeling of inadequacy in not being able to provide my child with the simple ability of walking into a body of water.  I will never forget the other children swirling around that lawn chair with their squirt guns firing while dodging shots from the others. I will never forget the children including Ryder in their fun, going out of their way to make sure that he felt like one of the guys.  I will never forget it… And I will never let it happen again.

Insurance companies, depending on coverage, will fund one limb for children requiring them.  One limb, that is supposed to be enough to “live a normal life.”. I don’t know anyone that can get by with a single pair of shoes to match all of the occasions we meet in our lives, yet amputees, especially children, are expected to get by with one limb.  unLIMBited was founded for children like Ryder – children who are active and growing.  Children who deserve the best limb available, even though they will grow out of it