We have so many people to thank for their “unLIMBited” support, including

    • Heather Ly & the Channel 2 news team – for the amazing story you shared on the news.  It was beautifully done and inspiring.
    • Tiffany & the Delaney family – for the amazingly magical day you created for Ryder.  Welcome to the family!
    • Dave Pietrowski – for so many things, most of all, your belief in the cause and your invaluable advice.  Also, for coordinating a meeting with “#42, Nathan Gerbe!” – it was amazing!
    • Teddie Granville & Ethan Wu – for your expertise, friendship and patience as I hound you for logos, websites, ideas and all the rest….
    • Kristi Maggio – for allowing us to follow in your “footsteps” – and for all of your hard work and dedication to making us official.  You rock, Princess!
    • The LoVullo Family – for your generous support!
    • Robbie & the team at – for the sticks and the support!
    • Allen Electric – for your enthusiasm, dedication and willingness to help.  You’re the best!
    • Miss Jessica, Miss Rachel & the Skate Great team – thanks for the back-breaking work of skating with a 3 year old… And for your patience and support.
    • Tiffany Johnson and the team at Chiacchia & Fleming for your work to make us official.  We couldn’t do it without you!
    • For their love and support:
        • Debbie & Billy Marshall
        • Carol Wecter
        • Helen Thomas
        • Debbie Harrison
        • Debbie Moyer
        • Annette Schuetz
  • Our family and friends – we couldn’t have done it without you all.  any of it.